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Your Astro Manifesting Energy - August 2022

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

August is here and as the Leo season advances we will start feeling its powerful energy. Do you want to prepare your Manifesting journey for this month? Here are some tips and facts that will help you during this month.

Here are the Planetary transits of August 2022:

August 2022 will be a time of tension and uncertainty, however, you don’t need to be scared. The main reason for this energy will be because Mars and Uranus will be joined in the North Node, and then Mars will square Saturn. In addition, the Full Moon, on August 11th will bring more uncertainty to our lives.

In fact, during the month of August 2022, the sign of Leo, and all the Fixed signs such as Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel moments of great tension as result of the intensity of the energy.

When Uranus, the rebel of the zodiac (yes, Uranus rules Aquarius), goes retrograde for five months in Taurus on Wednesday, August 24, all signs must begin to identify what's working for you and what's not. We need to focus on those ares of our lives that give us purpose. Uranus is an inner force that drives us towards the search for a freedom that allows us to break with those structures and models that oppose all novelty, progress and change. The Uranus-related paradigm shift demands as a challenge new ways of perceiving and approaching our experiences in terms of more compelling and satisfying realities.

Below are some good questions or focus points to incorporate in your Astro Manifesting journey this August:

  1. What are you proud of from the last month?

  2. What could have gone better?

  3. What do I want to feel proud of by the end of the month?

Leo is governed by the king star of our solar system, the Sun, which is why it symbolises authority, power and passion. This month we might seek the admiration of others and to be the center of attention wherever we are. As Leo is one of the signs that can withstand personal defeat the worst, we also need to be conscious of how we are dealing with our work projections and our personal relationships.

In the body, Leo rules the heart and blood circulation. That’s why, this month we need to pay attention to our heart and the circulation. Regular massages and a healthy diet are a good way to avoid health problems during the current Leo energy.

Overall, the month of August is a good time to focus on your career development and any aspect of your life you would like to change once the strategic Virgo season approaches us.


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