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Mercury Retrograde arrives with a burst of energy this month. It started on August 24th and ends on September 15th, coinciding with the Virgo season. Things might appear a bit complex as the energy of this planet, along with that of Virgo, can turn out to be opposing. • During this period, communication tends to become confusing, misunderstandings and misinterpretations may be more common. • Mercury retrograde in Virgo can affect the ability to plan and organize efficiently. • Electronic devices and technology, in general, might experience glitches during this period. You might encounter issues with your phone, computer, or applications. • If you have travel plans during Mercury retrograde in the Virgo season, you might face delays, itinerary changes, or logistical problems. It's recommended to exercise caution and be flexible with travel plans during this time. • Virgo is a sign associated with health and well-being, so during Mercury retrograde in this season, more attention might be directed towards these aspects. It could be a good time to review and assess your health status, establish healthy habits, and seek mental and physical balance.


1. You may feel more inclined to analyze details in all areas of your life. However, this can also lead you to be more critical of yourself and others.

2. Communication becomes more meticulous and precise. However, there is also the possibility of misunderstandings, as you may be too thorough in your explanations.

3.Mercury retrograde in Virgo is an excellent opportunity to review projects, documents and plans with a critical approach. It can be a good time to organize your affairs more efficiently. 4.Virgo is also associated with health, so during this period, you may feel more conscious of your physical well-being and look for ways to improve your health and daily routine.

5. Since Virgo tends to analyze everything in detail, it is important to avoid making impulsive decisions during this period. Take your time to consider all options before making an important decision.

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