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What to Astro Manifest during Gemini season?

Gemini Season (May 21 to June 20) Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac year, and as an air sign, its energy is bright and social and intellectual — less related to some of the more solid practicalities of life. Sometimes this "airiness" is misunderstood as an indicator of an emptiness in the relationships, but in fact, it's the opposite: air signs are always full of new ideas and a very contagious energy.

  • As it is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, this is the best season to reconnect with all friends or even start a new relationship.

  • You might feel compelled to think out loud, not to hoard your best ideas but to share them, to connect with other people. This drive to connect can manifest as a desire for different kinds of experiences. Therefore, this is also the best season to start doing things different, break old patterns and start a new habit.

The keyword for this season is: Movement

Key phrase for this period: I express

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