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What can we expect from the Lions Gate Portal and how do we prepare?

The Lion's Gate Portal is when Sirius, Earth and the Orion constellation are all in alignement with each other. Currnently the Sun is in Leo which is represented by a Lion, hence where the name Lions Gate origionates from.

We can expect a huge shift in energies during this time. The best way to prepare for it is to think deeply about what you want to manifest in the next 6 months and be as specific as possible about your desires.

What is the spiritual meaning behind it?

The number 8 has great spiritual significance. It shares it's shape with the symbol of infinity and is a number that is fillied with positive energy and abundance. 8 represents wealth, luck and success. A sign that our future goals are within reach.

How long does this last, and why is the 8th the luckiest day?

The Lion's Gate Portal occurs once a year between July 26th and August 12th. Being most powerful on August 8th. The date 08/08 is spiritually significant as it is when the we are closest to the spiritial world. And so it is the best time to manifest goals. On August 8th we will all experience huge energies. It is importants to manifest and be clear with your dreams on this day.

This is supposed to be a good time for manifesting - what tips do you have for people looking to do so?

Manifesting can be implemented through daily visualisation, journaling and affirmation techniques. These allow you to reprogram your brain so you start believing and creating your envisioned reality.

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