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Sagittarius season: How are you feeling the energy?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Have you felt more doses of energy in the last few days? No, you're not going crazy, it's Sagittarius, who has arrived to put a new astral season ahead of us and make the zodiac signs much more motivated and energetic until December 20th. That's why, you're probably feeling as if you have done much more in the past two weeks than in an entire year. Trust me, is not a coincidence!

Marked by the entry of the sun into the house of Sagittarius, the last New Moon of autumn, also in Sagittarius, and the entry of Mercury and Venus in this same sign (do you now understand why you are so full of energy?). The change of astral season arrived like a revolution and it will give us the best atmosphere to close the year in a high.

Sagittarius, which is the ninth sign in the Zodiac sequence: it comes after Scorpio —a moment of intense all-or-nothing emotional experience that allows us to understand that there is light and also darkness, as part of life cycles. However, during Sagittarius season we feel connected with a more global and transcendent perspective.That's why you need to make sure you use the current energy wisely and make sure you incorporate it in your Astro-Manifesting journey until Capricorn season arrives.

The doors are open for you to start looking for you own meaning and purpose. It's also a period of celebration, connection with enthusiasm, travel and feeling the joy of living. How are you feeling it? There is no doubt Sagittarius brings a vibration that soothes, exalt optimism, makes you want to travel and works like a balm after difficult times.

The keyword for this season is: Synergy

Key phrase for this period: I trust

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