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Mercury Retrograde: What’s Mercury Retrograde and why is everyone afraid of its energy?


By Dalila Salgueiro

Evolutionary Astrologer and founder of the Manifesting App, a platform to encourage users to live intentionally and with possibility using Astro Manifesting techniques.

Mercury Retrograde happens when instead of following the usual path on its orbit, it does it in the opposite direction. So, in easier way, it moves backwards instead of moving forward which means is a period of introspection and going deep in our lives. However, this is astrological speaking and from our point of view as planets can’t technically go backwards. However, when we talk about Mercury through Earth's perspective, it does appear to be going backwards. So, you would be wondering, why this phenomenon affects us so much, right?

Mercury is a personal planet. This means that their energies directly affect people individually. It shares this characteristic with Mars (the planet of action) and Venus (the planet of love), and that is why their position in the birth chart is so important and you can identify how it will affect you personally by analysing the placements of your natal chart or having a personalised consultation booked in our website.

Moreover, Mercury controls the communications and our mind. What we think and how we express our emotions and feelings are deeply directed with Mercury’s energy. Have you had any problems on your forms of communications recently, or even with technology or the transportation (eg, flights cancelled, strikes, etc) this is probably because Mercury’s retrograde energy is in high peak until January 18th 2023 and in fact, we will be affected by four other Mercury Retrograde seasons in 2023 as follows:

2023 Mercury Retrograde Dates

28th December 2022 to 18th January 2023

We start the year with Mercury retrograde in the sign Capricorn, preventing us from carrying out our New Year's resolutions until it finishes Mid-January. Once its energy is direct, you will feel motivated to start a new routine, search for a new job and even starting the gym!

21st April 2023 to 15th May 2023

This retrograde will happen during Taurus season. Make sure you pay extra attention at the way you express yourself. Everything you say can be misinterpreted or you may be ultra-sensitive to other people's opinions.

23rd August to 15th September 2023

The end of summer retrograde will take place during the Virgo season. Make sure you play low key around this time and try not to make a big life decision as changing a career or signing a new contract.

13th December 2023 to 2nd January 2024

To end the year... another retrograde Mercury similar to the one we had at the beginning! It will begin its reverse course in Capricorn until it ends in the sign of Sagittarius. Traveling can be greatly affected. If you're frustrated by missed flights, cancellations, and schedule changes, remember that a higher energy is at play.

Remember, during Mercury retrograde we stop thinking and speaking clearly, giving way to endless misunderstandings and conflict. Therefore my advice is to be prepared, have a personalised consultation to find out how it will affect you and download the Manifesting App in the App Store to feel inspired with its quotes and be up to date with the astrological placements.

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