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Astro Manifesting during Pisces Season!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Pisces is the last sign, it comes after Aquarius (a moment of dizzying passage to a new, different and unknown dimension). Like Aquarius, Pisces is a transpersonal sign, this means that its energy transcends the territory of the individual and we try to become a whole. If Aquarius understands with his mind that we are a collective network of eccentric beings, Pisces feels that we are a communion of souls and perceives that together we are truly one.

The Piscean moment is like the ocean: vast, magnetic, magical, deep and mysterious, so you will feel those emotions during this season and everything comes together. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and as such is final energy. But the zodiac continues, cyclically, over and over again. For this reason, Pisces knows that every time something ends, there is also something that begins. In this sense, for astrology, the Pisces season invites us to surrender to unity, to connect with the whole. Pisces proposes us to connect with our deepest emotions, with the vibration of a collective and human sensitivity, with empathy and supportive help.

  • Pisces season brings closing energy, it is an ideal stage to prepare the ground for the new solar cycle that is coming.

  • It’s also a fantastic time for planing or doing a group trip with your friends. Pisces activates the area of the natal chart associated with groups and the collective, it serves us to value the network, honour friendships and allow us to have some fun and distraction with those we love the most.

The keyword for this season is: Unity

Key phrase for this period: I surrender

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