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Manifesting is a platform that combines the principles of positive psychology to elevate your vibration and help you manifest your desired life. Through personal daily quotes, manifesting tasks, affirmations, and journaling reflections, we seek to provide you with a strong foundation to cultivate your mind and thoughts. If you want to consciously and intentionally create your reality, this app is for you.

The app gives you daily exercises on how to receive abundance in life through manifesting love and improving your self esteem. By helping you address limiting beliefs, the app is designed to improve your outcome of life by connecting you with your inner source. It also breaks down the mental roadblocks we create for ourselves while giving you viable solutions to help remove them and achieve your dreams.

The platform also seeks to incorporate holistic techniques such as mind exercises, daily acts of kindness, and inspirational quotes in order to help users manifest their desired life and easily allow them to stay consistent in their manifesting journey.

The app, which was created as a support platform for those looking to start their day in a more positive way, also aims to inspire their users to live a life with intentionality, to create their ideal world without fears or limits. It guides living intentionally and with possibility.


Dalila Salgueiro is an Astrologer and Manifesting coach living in London for the past ten years. After going through a painful breakup and the loneliness experienced from being away from her family in Venezuela, she decided to start a journey to cultivate a holistic way for mental healing and positive living.

These circumstances led her to study Positive Coaching and Astrology for the past 3 years with Venezuela's renowned astrologer Mia Astral, as well as the principles of the Mayan Calendar in Mexico and its day-to-day application to help those who practice them find their purpose.

As Dalila says: “After this five year journey suffering from anxiety and all the pressures of living in a different country and adapting myself to the standards of what ‘success’ means in today's society, I decided to launch Manifesting to help others who might also be struggling with life’s pressures to manifest a more positive life, or at least help them to reset their negative thoughts through daily inspiring quotes, journaling and manifesting tasks.

After practicing Manifesting techniques myself, I discovered what my purpose in life was and started to perceive the magic of being alive. And it was there, in that moment, when the universe conspired to give me everything that I had wanted. I have learned to love, to trust myself, and to manifest the life I always thought was just a dream. Manifesting is about working hard every day to build your ideal reality, change your personal narrative, and remove your limiting beliefs, so that the people and opportunities you attract into your life are a reflection of your best self. It is raising your energy, filling your mind with positive thoughts, little by little, one day at a time, until you feel the flame inside you guiding you towards those opportunities that set your life on fire.”

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